Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mele, Mele, Mele...

More of the mele study today. I love it. I love almost each and every second of it. Just picking the 'ukulele up and strumming it has a calming affect. I can't believe that something this "magical" really exists. Like the best medicine for the soul that one could ever dream of.

Starting up with a new mele can be a daunting task. But since I've "rediscovered" how to launch into the study, things have been a bit easier. AND once I've started with something, momentum builds and I then one mele leads to another and another and another. OCD at its finest!

I've started leaving "mele messages" on my friend's voicemail. It's been a great way for me to "perform" a mele that I've been working on AND (this is the best part) it allows me to share what I'm learning with someone who appreciates it. It's cool knowing that at some point during her day, she'll listen to her voicemail and hear a song from the islands. A win-win situation.

More mele tomorrow. And that's a good thing...

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