Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Going even deeper...

Today I got down the "nittty gritty" and started looking at the songs that have been somewhat difficult for me. I can't really explain it... there are some songs that are INSTANTLY appealing and then there are others that are, well, more of a challenge. Sometimes, those songs NEVER become part of my repertoire because they don't appeal to me. And other times, those are the songs I love most of all.

Thankfully, because of the nature of this mele project, I'm committed to looking at ALL of the songs in this cycle. Even the ones that, at first glance, leave me uninspired. I mention "thankfully" because as I went deeper into the songs that have been a challenge, they came to life. Sang to me. Some of them will absolutely become part of my favorites... Others, well, the verdict is still out on some of 'em!

I'm so glad that I took the time to examine them today. To really give myself over to the process and look at things that don't grab me right away. How sad to have missed something just because it's first impression wasn't totally favorable.

I can't help but think of all of the "first impressions" that I've made in my life. How many of those were less-than-spectacular? And I can't help but be grateful that sometimes, even though I may not have shown myself in a great light initially, someone gave me a second chance.

Mele study is getting DEEP!!! Right on!

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