Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Playing for the Hula classes

Tonight I was blessed to play for the dancers of Nā Lehua Melemele--a hula hui based here in NYC. Iʻm also blessed to play for Kumu Hula June Tanoue when she holds classes in the city. Itʻs an honor to play for dancers. Each and every time.

Singing the mele in my apartment is fine. Itʻs a way to study the piece, research it, "find it" in my voice. Performing the piece in public is great... A way to share what Iʻve learned with others. A way to "spread the Aloha." But there is something so incredibly special about playing for a dancer or group of dancers. Working in harmony with another person (or group) as we share the message in the mele. We tell the story. We help to perpetuate a piece of Hawaiian history. Itʻs an honor and blessing.

Every time.

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