Monday, August 10, 2009

9 days until Molokai

Ah! Can't believe the date is approaching so quickly! You know, I fantasize about being back on island all year: what I'd like to bring for the 'ohana, what mele I hope to be able to work on with Pops, places I hope to be able to see, etc. And then as the trip approaches, I lose my mind. Can't think of anything that I'd been planning. I've got lots of music to sing, but are these the "right" ones to be singing at this point?

If I start thinking about these things when lay down to sleep at night, I'll toss and turn for hours. Working things out--over and over and over.

I think I stress because being there is so special. Sacred time for me. And I want to be prepared for everything. I don't want to be there and find myself saying "If only I had done...."

But the coolest part about being there is that it IS sacred time. And things are good there--just as they are.

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